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CUT Services is a highly experienced and knowledgeable pest control company serving Bedford. We are committed to offering professional, effective, and safe rodent control services for both residential and commercial properties. We use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure that all infestations are eliminated quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption.

We provide an ethical service and pride ourselves on not using any poisons or causing harm to the rats.

When we attend your property we start by seeing where there is most activity. We will inspect your property perimeter for any weakness or entry points and we will CCTV inspect your drains using a pan and tilt camera (so that we can look around corners) to look for faults which allow entry.

Once we have established how the rodents are gaining entry into your property we will provide you with a quote to proof the defective areas. We can also install anti-rodent barriers to prevent them from entering which keeps the rats in the sewers and not in your house.

The biggest cause of rodent activity within a property is usually after building works where the contractors haven’t installed or capped off drains correctly.

We have a second-to-none reputation within this field with an extremely high success rate. If you are fed up with paying for regular poison from a pest controller then give us a call to get rid of them once and for all! 

Call us today, and see if we can help to ease your concerns.

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