Repairing drains in Bedfordshire & surrounding areas since 2003


We do

  • sewer repairs, excavation & relining
  • burst water mains – locate & repair
  • septic tank & biotank installations – replace existing or new installations
  • soakaway installations – we offer both rain water and foul water installations
  • property proofing – we can provide full proofing including installation of anti-rodent barriers to protect your home from unwanted visitors
  • sink holes – we can diagnose the cause of any sink holes and offer a solution

In the unfortunate event that you end up with a collapsed sewer or burst water main or sink hole we can see you through the whole process from investigating, repairing, and fully reinstating the site back to it’s original condition.

All of our work is carried out in accordance with building regulations part H using the best materials that are available. Safety is paramount and no corners will be cut. Please do not ask us to do so. 

Need to speak with us about drain repairs?

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