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Drain Clearance

C.U.T. Services are here to help you keep on flowing.
We offer a rapid response with a discreet and courteous service at any time of the day or night, any day of the year, and in any weather. We have invested heavily in equipment and training, to help us clear any blockage that you may encounter, from a blocked sink or shower, to an erupting sewer. 

This is not where the service ends. for every blockage that occurs, there is a reason for it. We will investigate the original cause of the blockage and advise you of the best way to avoid it happening again. This could be for example, some friendly advice on grease management, or a recommendation to replace a damaged section of pipe.

We will NOT leave you in the dark, but keep you informed at all stages of the process.

We can help unblock :

washing machines
soak aways
land drains
and much more.

We also offer a full root cutting service. As you can see in the picture opposite, roots can overrun your drains. This picture was taken in the village of Biddenham where the drain had not worked for some 15 years. After a morning of hard work, we had removed approximately 4 metres of roots and restored full flow to the highway drain in question. So if you think no one can help you, we may just prove you wrong. Just give us a call today. We would be delighted to try even where others have failed.



For a fast & friendly response - call 01234 215888 / 07766 882902